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'Knowledge To Plan' Webinars

'Knowledge To Plan' Webinars

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Since 1987, MEMBERS Trust Company has met the investment and financial needs of individuals and their families. Owned and managed by America's Credit Unions, we share the core values and rich legacy of credit unions serving your best financial interests. With investment and estate planning professionals in offices across the United States, MEMBERS Trust Company will work with you to develop financial solutions for you and your family’s financial protection and security. We are dedicated to you, not Wall Street.

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Our Investment Team

John M Largent, CFA
Chief Investment Strategist

Sheldon Reynolds, CFA
Vice President, Trust & Investments

Kate Braddock, CFA
Co-Chief Investment Officer

Jason Ritzenthaler, CFA
Co-Chief Investment Officer
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MEMBERS Trust Company embraces the philosophy that knowledge, prudence and personal dedication provide the fertile ground for innovative investment solutions. For example, our investment team adopted the early use of Exchange Traded Funds as vehicles to lower overall investment costs and to better practice tax management of portfolios (See article appearing in MEMBERS Trust Company’s investment team believes that innovation can and does make a difference and that is what you should expect from a national trust company owned and managed by credit unions.

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Wall Street firms can offer solutions, but your trust and advisory officer with MEMBERS Trust Company, believes providing retirement solutions is not the time for selling. America's credit unions formed MEMBERS Trust Company to provide solutions in your best interest. Your retirement is too important to let it sneak up on you. Call us and let’s work together and develop a plan to save, to invest wisely, and to set markers for your retirement.