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Our Investment Philosophy: Tried and True and All About You.

In 2004, our Investment Team adopted the strategy of using Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) in portfolio design, making us one of the first trust companies in the United States to recognize their lower cost and tax efficiency. We offer a wide range of portfolios, from the aggressive to the more conservative, to meet your specific needs. As CFA® charterholders, our Investment Team represents the very best in the industry, bound by the highest ethical standards. You have direct access to Portfolio Managers for consulting and guidance on new opportunities.

We’re here to serve you. Full-service support is just a phone call away.

Take Advantage of ETF Portfolio Advantage®

Our #1 priority is to reduce short-term volatility and risk, which allows a more opportunistic approach to achieving your long-term financial goals.

Advantages of Members Trust Company’s ETF Portfolio Advantage®

Low Cost

Low Cost

Investment management costs to maintain ETFs are generally much lower and tax efficient than mutual funds.



We claim compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards® (GIPS) — we’re committed to the fair representation and full disclosure of investment performance.



We do not create our own ETFs, and we do not receive compensation for investing in any particular ETF or fund family.

Tax Sensitivity

Tax Sensitivity

We use thoughtful strategies to increase returns while avoiding or minimizing tax impact.

Opportunistic Rebalancing

Opportunistic Rebalancing

We actively manage and manually rebalance portfolios throughout the day to take advantage of market news and fluctuations.



We can diversify an investment portfolio over a wide range of market sectors much more cost effectively than through individual stocks.

Members Trust Company (MTC) claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). GIPS® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse or promote this organization, nor does it warrant the accuracy or quality of the content contained herein. To obtain GIPS-compliant performance information for the firm’s strategies and products, please contact Investments@memberstrust.com.

ETF Portfolio Advantage Models

We offer seven different models to meet your particular objectives and needs. Our Investment Team monitors each model against benchmarks and rebalances to maintain target allocations — including trading in response to market and industry changes.

Credit Union Investments

How do you fund employee benefits with rising healthcare costs? How do you give more to the causes that matter most?

We provide expertise in developing your organization’s investment policy and tailor the investment strategy to your needs, making you more so you can do more.

Employee Benefit Funding Trust

Competitive benefits packages not only help recruit and retain talent, but they align with the service culture of credit unions. With the rising costs of benefits today, credit unions are faced with the challenge of how to best fund their compensation plans.

We pioneered a better way to fund your employee and executive benefits through low-risk, high-reward investment returns rather than operating income.

Members Trust Company’s EBFTs have helped our credit union partners offset 63% of their employee benefit costs.

Employee Benefit Funding Trusts: More Benefits. More Fund.

  • Targets benefits like health insurance premiums, 401k contributions, pension contributions, sick/vacation time, etc.
  • Allows for investment flexibility to match long-term costs to long-term assets
  • Includes non-703 investments
  • Minimizes total portfolio risk on the balance sheet
  • Funds a targeted expense
  • Diversifies risk


Charitable Donation Account

Credit unions make our communities stronger. We pioneered a better way to fund your charitable giving focus while remaining responsible and accountable to your members. By funding charitable donations through investment returns rather than operating income, you can give back to the causes that matter most.

Say Hello to the CDA With More TLC.

Our experience in responsible charitable investments inspired NCUA’s final CDA rule, and we now manage $200mm in Charitable Donation Accounts. And because of our credit union ownership, we are able to offer you more service than the competition for less.


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