From Members Trust Company

To create a lasting legacy, you may need more than an IRA and a simple will. Members Trust Company can assist you, because we are at the forefront of Trusteed IRA solutions. A Trusteed IRA combines the tax benefits of an IRA account with the flexibility and control of a trust, providing maximum control over how the assets are passed on to future generations.

Typically, a named IRA beneficiary has unrestricted rights to withdraw any and all funds from an IRA. In the past, with a standard custodial account, a separate IRA trust would have to be drafted to exert more control over IRA assets after death. Now, thanks to the Trusteed IRA, you can control the timing and the amounts of distributions from your IRA accounts for multiple generations – all through a single account that combines an IRA and a trust.

By opening a Trusteed IRA with Members Trust Company, you can provide protection for your beneficiaries, avoid guardianship and probate proceedings, incorporate your IRA into a comprehensive estate plan and ensure that your IRA assets are professionally managed and invested on a fiduciary basis.

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