Opening a Trusteed IRA with Members Trust Company

Members Trust Company is a leading provider of trust, investment and wealth management services. Our network of employees spans across the country. You will benefit from the personal service of a local trust liaison officer and our team of professionals in our corporate headquarters who hold the highest industry designations like CFA, CFP, as well as years of experience.

Our team can assist you in opening and administering Trusteed IRAs as well as any other wealth management needs you may have.

Your Investments: Why You Should Know the Fiduciary Difference

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Since 2004, Members Trust Company has used Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in our portfolio design, making us one the first trust companies in the United States to recognize the lower cost, diversification and tax efficiency of ETFs. Using ETFs as our primary investment vehicle allows us to implement prudent investment standards, which is a core guiding principle for us as a fiduciary money manager.

Fiduciary Process That Manages Investment Risk

Members Trust Company offers a fiduciary process to manage investment risk with the goal of delivering a customized investment solution. We want to understand each of our client’s unique circumstances and goals that will determine their risk tolerance, cash and income needs, investment time horizon, and tax sensitivity.

Our investment team uses these factors to develop an investment strategy for your “ETF Portfolio Advantage®” account. Our mutual understanding of your goals, personal situation and the investment plan will be discussed, then included in a written document referred to as your Personal Investment Policy Statement. This written document will serve as our blueprint to design a portfolio to meet your unique needs and circumstances while managing investment risk over the long term. Then annually or upon notice of change of circumstances, we will meet with you to evaluate whether your Personal Investment Policy Statement is currently compatible with your current needs and objectives, and make adjustments as necessary.