Attorney Referral Network

By providing this list of attorneys to you, Members Trust Company is not endorsing any of the attorneys on the list and shall have no responsibility or liability for the services rendered by any attorney on the list. This list is being made available as an accommodation and service to you as we believe finalizing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you may take to protect yourself and your loved ones.  We understand the selection of attorney is an important one, and we encourage you to call and interview these and other attorneys to determine compatibility with your needs.

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Attorney Outreach Marketing Kit

Members Trust Company is committed to supporting the business development efforts of its trust officers. To that end, we’ve put together a marketing campaign kit aimed at helping you build and sustain relationships with attorneys in your local communities.

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Marketing Toolkit

Trust and investment services can be confusing, so we make every effort to keep it simple. Help your clients crystallize their goals and understand their options by downloading our brochures, educational videos, blogs, social media content and more in our Marketing Toolkit.

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Policies & Procedures

Trust Officers should be familiar with MTC’s policies to ensure they conduct business in the appropriate manner. There are three policy manuals that apply to Trust Officers: (1) TO Policy Manual – contains general business and account related policies; (2) BSA Manual – contains BSA, OFAC, and AML related policies; and (3) Investment Policies. These policy manuals are occasionally updated so it is best practice to retrieve them directly from the site as needed and not save them locally.

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