October 18, 2019

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Portfolio Checkup

Portfolio Checkup

Market volatility, changes in investment objectives and financial needs occurring with life cycle transitions, and the economic uncertainty with geo political events beyond our control make an annual portfolio checkup a wise choice to ensure your financial goals will be met. Let us give your portfolio our rigorous exam because, now rather than later, is the time to know whether your investments are passing or failing.

Investment Analysis

Our process is to sort your investments into buckets or categories: Tax Deferred like a IRA and 401(k), Taxable Investments, and Cash & Savings. Then, we complete a comprehensive investment exam of your entire household investment portfolio.

Managing investment risk requires prudent diversification, so a concentrated position in one stock will not expose your household finances to catastrophic losses. Also, investment expense and prudent asset allocation based on retirement age are important exam issues to ensure your investments are on target to meet your retirement and other long term goals. Then, the investment performance and risk profile of each security and fund are examined to determine the investment quality.

Our Investment Team

Members Trust Company’s seasoned team of investment professionals, all of whom hold the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst professional designation, will conduct a detailed, analytical review of your existing portfolio and assist you with our investment recommendations.

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