Marketing Toolkits FAQs

The first in a series of quarterly marketing toolkits will be available for download on the MTC Partner Login tab of Use your current username to log in. You will be prompted to reset your password, and receive a link via email to do so. Please make sure to whitelist the domain, if you have not already, so that you are able to receive all information from us moving forward.

Also, please keep in mind that, each quarter, partners will be notified via email about new campaign kits as they become available. Once you and your marketing teams have reviewed the materials, please reach out to the marketing team’s newest addition to discuss next steps: Karen Licker, MTC’s Marketing Engagement Manager, at

We’re excited about the thoughtful reorganization and refreshed look of our new website, but this undertaking also poses practical challenges. Since our partners often feature links on their own sites to MTC’s website, it’s critical that we work together to ensure that any existing links are updated as soon as possible. Please contact to coordinate these changes.

MTC has gone paperless; we will provide digital files of all materials to our credit union partners.

MTC is providing partners with the option to download 2 different versions of new marketing materials: (1) as-is; and (2) co-branded. For assistance with co-branding or white-labeling, please contact Karen Licker at The process for obtaining materials is below:


Option Method for Accessing CU Next Steps
As-is Download PDFs • Submit materials to Broker-Dealer compliance, if necessary.
• If changes are made to content, submit materials to MTC marketing & compliance for review.
Co-brand Download PDFs • Integrate CU logo according to MTC Style Guide.
• Submit co-branded materials to Broker-Dealer compliance, if necessary.
• If changes are made to content, submit materials to MTC marketing & compliance for review.
White label Contact Karen Licker at • Submit to Broker-Dealer compliance, if necessary.
• If changes are made to content, submit materials to MTC marketing & compliance for review.

Since every market is different, those of our partners who want to obtain translations of our new marketing materials may do so, provided they use a translation service that is certified by the American Translators Association and provide proof of certification to MTC prior to publication.

MTC’s marketing team will work with you to combine our own anonymized demographic data with your credit union’s anonymized member data, in order to identify those segments of your membership that likely need MTC’s products and services. Please contact to learn more.

MTC agrees that timely and relevant messages will boost conversion rates. That’s why we plan on rolling out our new engagement strategy in two stages:


Stage Capabilities Timing
1 Delivering to partners quarterly marketing toolkits and the capability to track campaigns targeting specific segments of CU membership. Q1 2020
2 Providing additional capabilities to work with partner data at the account expense level in order to create hyper-customized, timely and relevant email marketing campaigns. Q3 2020

It’s your choice. MTC wants to make it as easy as possible to work with us. That’s why we’re prepared to take on the bulk of the responsibility. Among other things, we will handle:

  1. Social media posts & monitoring;
  2. Deploy email marketing campaigns and track performance; and
  3. Create landing pages for campaigns and track activity.

Or your credit union can take on the responsibility for all these tasks. If you would like MTC to take on this role for your credit union, please contact to schedule a call to discuss next steps.

MTC will schedule a quarterly meeting with your credit union’s stakeholders to discuss campaign results and brainstorm methods for boosting conversion rates.

Email Campaigns:

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Soft bounce
  • Hard bounce
  • Conversion rate
  • Unsubscribe

Social Media Posts:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Followers

MTC Sections of Credit Union Website:

  • Unique visitors
  • % of new visitors
  • Sessions
  • Completion of lead form, if any


  • Number of attendees
  • Attendee survey results

While we hope that these new marketing pieces will address most if not all of your needs, we understand that ad hoc requests for materials will likely arise. As such, we are streamlining the process for making one-off requests for new pieces. This new protocol is intended to help us clarify your goals, ensure accuracy of deliverables and enhance efficiency.

Moving forward, if you would like to request the creation of a new marketing piece, please contact to request a form for completion. Upon receipt, MTC’s marketing team will schedule a call with you to confirm our understanding of the project and we will do our best to get you what you need within two weeks.

The look and feel of the site is going to be based on our new tagline: Main Street values. Wall Street expertise.TM We are simplifying the site, so as to create a streamlined experience for the user. We are also reorganizing the site so that each of our constituencies (credit unions, trust officers, financial advisors, broker-dealers, attorneys and individuals) gets a customized experience that displays only relevant information, appropriate messaging and calls to action.

One component of MTC’s new partner engagement strategy is MTC University. This is a section of our new website where you, advisors and staff can log in to access educational materials aimed at helping you understand which of your members need MTC’s products and services and why.

Yes, MTC will provide you with information to support a monthly referral-based raffle. In addition, we will match up to $100 per month toward the monthly raffle prize if your credit union produces a minimum of 8 referrals per month. Please contact for more information.

Andrea Brandon—VP of Marketing:; (760) 303-1700

Karen Licker—Manager, Marketing Engagement:; 888.727.9191 ext. 743

Please email the contact information for the following stakeholders at your credit union to

  • Head of marketing
  • Web developer
  • Data expert
  • Head of wealth management