Our PhilosophyMembers Trust Company will partner with you to help you reach your investment goals. Our expertise includes managing investments for objectives like aggressive growth and income. As you pass through the various stages of your life, your financial needs and objectives will change. Our core principle is that allocation across investment classes should realign as your life, needs and financial goals change. We believe that since investments involve risk, they should be prudently managed. We do this by offering diversification, asset allocation, continual monitoring, and a customized investment policy for each investment portfolio.

Investment Policy Statement

Investments should be made only after a clear objective is established for the portfolio. When you partner with Members Trust Company, our staff will help you develop a clear investment policy statement for your account, which acts as a road map to construct a customized investment portfolio. Developing a personal policy statement involves a process that includes analyzing your tolerance for risk, investment time period, personal objectives, taxes and any other personal preferences or constraints.

Implementing Your Investment Strategy

How We Put Your Game Plan Into Action

Once we have a clear picture of where you are going, we draw the road map to help you get there by:
Measuring your risk tolerance: We will help you identify investments that balance your financial goals with your tolerance for market risk.

Building a model portfolio: By taking advantage of state-of-the-art portfolio management software, we can create a model portfolio that balances long-term performance targets with suitable volatility.

Implementing your plan: With the model portfolio as a template, we will choose the appropriate investments to achieve your goals.

Monitoring your investments: Even with the right asset allocation strategy, it is critical to constantly track and evaluate your portfolio’s performance against your stated investment goals.

Rebalancing: We will realign your investments as needed to keep your asset allocation targets on track and we will meet with you often to review your progress and recommend changes if necessary.

Wealth Management Based On Trust

As A Fiduciary, We Are Different From Other Advisors

Members Trust Company, owned and managed by credit unions and regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, works exclusively for you, putting your interests first in all we do. Working as your advisor, we are a fiduciary and must always protect your best interests and disclose to you any conflicts that could prevent us from serving you. This makes our role very different from the traditional financial advisor to individual investors. We take our responsibility seriously to act as your fiduciary. Our commitment is to serve as a fiduciary, which forms the foundation required in a trusting advisory relationship.