Introducing the FlexIRA™.

Members Trust Company has been at the forefront of Trusteed IRA solutions, designed to combine the tax benefits of an IRA account with the flexibility and control of a trust.

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Flex Fixes Everything.

In January 2020, the SECURE Act was passed, which limits the traditional lifetime stretch-out to 10 years for most beneficiaries. Now, with our new FlexIRA, you can customize your retirement account and attendant estate plan to meet your needs. If things change, you can even upgrade your plan in the future, at no additional cost.

Pick Your Payout With the New FlexIRA.

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Flex Standard

Lump sum available to beneficiary

√ Beneficiary’s Choice

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Flex Protected Access

Limits payout to stretch 10 years or lifetime, depending on applicable law, with optional distributions for beneficiary’s health, education, maintenance & support

√ Account Owner's Choice

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Flex Trust

IRA payout to Inheritance Protection Trust, Special Needs Trust, and/or Charitable Trust, with Members Trust Company serving as corporate trustee

√ Account Owner's Choice

Flex Your Options With the New FlexIRA

Standing by to insure your legacy thrives.