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Your Best Interest is What We Do Best.

Founded in 1987 by America’s Credit Unions for credit unions, their members and the general public, Members Trust Company is the first national trust and investment firm providing financial stewardship, investment and trust services at “Main Street”, accessible cost with member-centric values … even for non-credit union accounts. This means we pick up the phone when you call, we treat you and your family as if they were our own, and that doing the right thing is more than our thing, it’s our mandate.

Your Peace of Mind is Always on Our Mind

Our sole mission is to help you protect your hard-earned assets, achieve your financial aspirations and to ensure your financial legacy thrives, which is where the Wall Street expertise comes in. Our team of investment professionals has been continually recognized in the industry as innovators and subject matter experts in trust and investment solutions, big and small.

What is a Trust?

I receive more than a few questions as a senior trust officer at Members Trust Company. These questions range from the general, “What are trust services?” and “What are the benefits of a trust?” to the more specific, “How do I open a trust?” or “How do I choose the right investment management firm?” Usually, […]

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Your Goals are Our Priority.

Our dedicated team of advisors is standing by so we can reach them together.