Make more. Give more. Repeat.

As the very first national trust and investment firm owned by and committed to credit unions, your mission to give back to your members, communities and employees isn’t just or mission, too. It’s our mandate.

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There's a reason trust is our middle name.

Custom Solutions: We provide expertise in developing your organization’s investment policy, and tailor the investment strategy to your giving needs.
Account Protection
Conservative Approach: We’ve been recognized by Forbes and Morningstar for our use of Exchange Traded Funds, selected for their transparency, liquidity, low cost, and diversification benefits.
Credit Unions
Capable Team: Our team manages over $3 billion in assets including $900 mm for credit unions.
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Credit-Union Values: We abide by the management philosophy of our owners – America’s Credit Unions – to act in the best interest of our clients while fulfilling our fiduciary duty as a trust company.

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