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Launched as a solution to the 2019 SECURE Act, the FlexIRA™ gives IRA account owners more options to meet their estate planning needs. It includes three different levels of support, designed to give you the power to decide how beneficiaries can use your retirement savings.

It’s As Simple As Checking A Box.

The FlexIRA™ allows you to provide for any beneficiary, including charities. If you change your mind, just check a box on the form. You can easily upgrade your plan from one option to another, at no additional cost.

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Flex Standard

Flex Standard

Your beneficiary gets a choice between withdrawing the entire account balance in a lump sum or within 10 years after your death.

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Low Cost

Flex Protected Access

If your beneficiary is financially inexperienced, you can pay the balance in installments. You can also specify that these distributions be only used for health, education, maintenance, and support.

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Low Cost

Flex Trust

Use your IRA balance to extend payouts past the 10-year limit, support a beneficiary with special needs, or grow your assets tax-free for charity.

A Solution to the 2019 SECURE Act

We launched the FlexIRA™ in response to the 2019 SECURE Act. The new legislation requires Designated Beneficiaries to withdraw the entire IRA account balance within 10 years. Prior to the SECURE Act, beneficiaries could stretch distributions for a lifetime. Do you feel confident your beneficiaries will manage inherited IRA funds responsibly?

With our new FlexIRA, you can pick your payout based on your needs… and theirs.

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