A Will is Not the Only Way.

Today marks the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history with $30 trillion in assets projected to pass from boomers to their heirs in the United States alone. Yet 60% of American adults don’t have an estate plan.

Credit Unions

By offering trust services, you can:

  • Add an extra line of revenue that competes with no other products, is turnkey, and lasts longer than a typical investment account.
  • Jumpstart client acquisition by meeting an underserved need
  • Improve asset retention by establishing relationships with the next generation in your clients’ families
  • Enhance your value proposition as a comprehensive financial advisor
  • Focus on growing your business while Members Trust Company actively manages your clients’ investments: deftly balancing growth with principal preservation, minimizing expenses and conducting individualized tax harvesting

By taking advantage of trust services, your clients can:

  • Clarify their estate planning goals;
  • Get connected with local attorneys to draft or update their estate plans;
  • Designate Members Trust Company as corporate trustee, ensuring the smooth transfer of hard-earned assets.

Trusts: Who needs them?

If any of your clients brought children from a previous relationship into their current marriage, have a child or grandchild with special needs, are widowed with no children nearby, have a loved one who may be financially irresponsible, or is becoming physically or mentally incapacitated, we’re here to help you help them with trust services. Contact us.