Flex Fixes Everything.

Introducing the FlexIRA™.

To create a lasting legacy, your clients may need more than an IRA and a simple will. Members Trust Company has been at the forefront of trusteed IRA solutions, designed to combine the tax benefits of an IRA account with the flexibility and control of a trust to enhance control over how assets are passed on to loved ones.

In the past, a named IRA beneficiary had unrestricted rights to withdraw any and all funds from an IRA, unless a special trust had been drafted to serve as beneficiary of the retirement account. Now, thanks to our FlexIRA, your clients can have more control over the timing and amounts of distributions from their IRA accounts for up to ten years for non-spouse beneficiaries and for the life of their surviving spouse – all through a single account that combines an IRA with the flexibility of a trust.

By opening a FlexIRA with Members Trust Company, your clients can provide protection for their beneficiaries, avoid guardianship and probate proceedings, incorporate their IRAs into a comprehensive estate plan and ensure that their IRA assets are professionally managed and invested by a team who not only hold the highest industry designations like CFA® and CFP®, but also has years of experience.

Give Your Clients the Options of Having More Options.

Learn more about the FlexIRA today.

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