Take Advantage of the ETF Portfolio Advantage®.

In 2004, our Investment Team adopted the strategy of using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in portfolio design, making us one of the first trust companies in the United States to recognize their lower cost and tax efficiency. Since then, we’ve been recognized by Forbes and Morningstar for investment strategies that manage both risk and return.

Our #1 priority is to reduce short-term volatility and risk in down periods, which allows an actively managed approach to achieving your clients’ long-term financial goals. And yours.

Our Investment Philosophy: Tried and True and all About You.

Direct Access


You have direct access to our portfolio managers for consulting and case management. We run scenarios of prospective clients by you, look at a prospect’s current holdings and provide guidance on opportunities, as well as provide full-service support to your current clients.

Opportunistic Rebalancing

Opportunistic Rebalancing.

Unlike some money managers who do periodic mechanical rebalancing, Members Trust Company manually rebalances investments, taking advantage of certain points in the market, while also ensuring target diversification and minimizing risk.

Private Accounts

Private Managed Account.

Since some clients have highly appreciated stock or other investments they may not want to liquidate, or for which they should consider strategies to address income tax consequences, Members Trust Company will build a customized portfolio around existing stocks and model charitable trust solutions to minimize income taxes.

Proven Performance

Proven Performance.

Members Trust Company offers over a decade of success using ETF Model Portfolios to meet various objectives and lifecycle needs.

Members Trust Company was ranked by Forbes as the top performer in Managed ETF Portfolios, even in a recession.