We Think Employee Benefits Should Have More Fund.

Medical. Dental. Vision. Life. Competitive benefits packages not only help recruit and retain talent, but they align with the service culture of credit unions. With the rising costs of benefits today, credit unions are faced with the challenge of how to best fund their compensation plans. Which is why Members Trust Company pioneered a better way to fund your employee and executive benefits through low-risk, high-reward investment returns rather than operating income.


Members Trust Company’s EBFTs have helped our credit union partners offset 70% of their employee benefit costs. Start reducing operating costs today.

Employee Benefit Funding Trusts: More Benefits. More Fund.

  • Targets benefits like health insurance premiums, 401k contributions, pension contributions, sick/vacation time, etc.
  • Allows for investment flexibility to match long-term costs to long-term assets
  • Includes non-703 investments
  • Minimizes total portfolio risk on the balance sheet
  • Funds a targeted expense
  • Diversifies risk

Past performance does not guarantee future success.

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