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Credit unions across America pooled their resources to form Members Trust Company, FSB, a national trust company with the mission of creating professional trust and investment services for the benefit of their members and not individual stockholders. You – our owners – provide the financial strength, strategic direction and shared values for Members Trust Company to look after and protect your members’ best interests so you make those relationships even stronger.

Your One Stop That Won’t Stop.

Members Trust Company is in the unique position to provide an accessible, one-stop solution to filling the gap of quality products and services your members may be seeking elsewhere, or perhaps don’t even know they need. From trust services to investment management for individuals and credit unions, Members Trust Company is recognized by Forbes and Morningstar for innovative investment strategies.

Python in the Performance Team, Part 1: Finding the Problem

The team at Members Trust Company (MTC) includes some of the industry’s most innovative players. Possessing a blend of financial experience, administrative acumen, and a plethora of specialized skills, they generate unique solutions that have far-reaching implications. Jonnathan De Jesus, Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager, is one such example; he has already made a significant […]

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Jonnathan De Jesus working on computer

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