Charitable Donation Accounts

Make more. Give more. Repeat.

Our credit union partners have earned 6x more on CDA investments than their standard investments.

EBFT and CDA chart
*Charitable Donation Returns as of 12/31/20

A Charitable Donation Account (CDA) is a sustainable charitable funding strategy.
Through Charitable Donation Accounts, credit unions support communities through investment returns, rather than charge members a fee or pay it as an expense.

Take Advantage of the ETF Portfolio Advantage®

  • We tailor your Charitable Donation Account to your needs, goals, and risk tolerance and actively manage your portfolio to reduce risk.
  • Our team manages over $4 billion in assets, including $225mm in Charitable Donation Accounts for credit unions across the country.
  • We abide by the philosophy of our owners, America’s Credit Unions, to act in the best interest of our clients while fulfilling our fiduciary duty as a trust company.
Portfolio Allocation CDA
Members Trust products are (1) Not FDIC Insured, (2) No Bank Guarantee, and (3) May Lose Value. Past performance is not indicative of future results; return comparisons are between a composite of MTC Credit Union CDA & EBFT returns and the average return on average assets as reported by the NCUA from 2013 to 2020. Composite returns are gross of management fees. For EBFTs, offset of benefit costs cited may not be representative of future benefit cost saving.

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