Wealth Management Bank for Cetera Advisors

Why Members Trust Company?

  • Owned by financial institutions with a hybrid mission of service and profit
  • Wholesaler Wealth Management Bank, regulated by the OCC
  • Friendly Corporate Trustee that collaborates rather than competes with you
  • Credible size of over $1.7 billion with four attorneys & 4 CFAs as your support team
  • Stable to meet inter-generational needs

ETF Portfolio Advantage®

  • Actual returns since 2006
  • Customized portfolio management with access to CFA portfolio manager
  • 2008 Forbes Survey of ETF Providers…Members Trust Co was a top performer
  • Clients holding securities with low basis or legacy positions

More Than Just Managing The Money

Objective: Facilitating estate planning with enhanced features of a Trusteed IRA.

  • Restricted Payouts after death of account owner
  • Protection in the event of incapacity of the account owner
  • Account Protector…..to prevent and monitor for elderly financial abuse.
  • Customized Beneficiary Designation …collaborating with estate planning attorneys
  • IRA Beneficiary Trust

Trust Transfer Service

  • Facilitate the removal of the current trustee and appointment of Members Trust Company
  • Our goal is to make the change simple and convenient for you client
  • First, our staff attorney will review the trust to determine process to move the trust
  • Then, we will oversee the move to transfer the trust to your office

Your Professional Contacts

Sheldon Reynolds

Sheldon Reynolds, CFA

Vice President Trust & Investments

David Carlson

David Carlson, J.D.

VP, Senior Trust Officer

Anne Baldy

Anne Baldy, J.D.

Trust Administration Officer