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| 5 min read

What You Need to Know About Probate

Are you looking for peace of mind that your estate will be handled properly after you’re gone? With careful estate planning strategies, you can save your beneficiaries from costly probate proceedings and provide them with more of their inheritance.

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| 9 min read

Principles of Business Succession Planning

Business owners devote countless hours and resources to grow a successful enterprise. However, it is equally important to plan for the future of your business. Business succession planning ensures continuity and longevity by providing a smooth transition of ownership, management, and assets to the next generation or designated beneficiary.

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| 6 min read

What is a Charitable Donation Account?

Are you a credit union executive looking for an efficient and effective way to support your charitable giving strategies? A Charitable Donation Account (CDA) is an investment account that grants credit unions special investment capabilities while supporting their donations to foundations and charities.

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