There’s a Reason Trust is Our Middle NameTM

Founded in 1987 by America’s Credit Unions for credit unions, their members and the general public, Members Trust Company is the first national trust and investment firm providing financial stewardship, investment and trust services at “Main Street,” accessible cost with member-centric values … even for non-credit union accounts. This means we pick up the phone when you call, we treat you and your family as if they were our own, and that doing the right thing is more than our thing, it’s our mandate.

Our team of investment professionals hold the highest Chartered Financial Analyst® designation and have been continually recognized in the industry as innovators and subject matter experts in trust and investment solutions, big and small.

Fiduciary Officer by Region

T.L. Brown 813-978-9963

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Dawn Handler 720-482-2502

Tamara Pataky Kidd 813-386-8717

A Will is Not The Only Way

While a will can be an important estate-planning tool, its power only takes effect upon death. A trust, on the other hand, allows your back-up trustee to carry out your wishes in the event of your death and incapacity, including illness. This way, if you’re ever unable to manage your own finances, a court doesn’t need to get involved to appoint someone to manage your financial affairs.

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Corporate Trustee Services:
Your Peace of Mind is Always on Our Mind

While many trust companies are raising minimum account requirements, Members Trust Company administers modestly funded trusts, too. More importantly, with Members Trust Company, you can relieve your family of the burden of dealing with complex details and rest assured that the wishes you outlined in your trust will be fulfilled by a dedicated team whose sole mission is to help you protect your hard-earned assets, achieve your financial aspirations and to ensure your financial legacy thrives.

Applicable fees vary by credit union partner. Request a fee schedule from your credit union.

Please keep in mind that our fees do not apply unless you pass away or become incapacitated because it is not until that time that we step into your shoes and administer your trust for your benefit or that of your loved ones

What Does a Trustee Do?

Benefits of a Corporate Trustee

Objectivity. A corporate trustee has the emotional sensitivity to handle legal and financial matters and communicate to beneficiaries effectively.
Family Harmony. A corporate trustee is fair, objective and staffed with legal and investment professionals who have an obligation to act in the best interest of your beneficiaries.
Peace of Mind. A corporate trustee is regularly audited to ensure the appropriate policies and procedures are in place for proper trust administration.

We appreciate your consideration. Should you decide to appoint MTC as your successor trustee, please inform Affinity Trust so they include our recommended trust language in your trust document. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to Neil Archibald

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Disclaimer: Trust services provided by Members Trust Company, a federal thrift regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Trust and Investment products are not federally insured, are not obligations of or guaranteed by the credit union or any affiliated entity, involve investment risks, including the possible loss of principal. This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal or tax advice regarding your situation. For legal or tax advice, please consult your attorney and/or accountant.

All Fees are subject to applicable state statue(s) for compensation of administration of estates and trusts. Fiduciary services include reporting, account servicing, and accumulation of tax information. The investment management services include personalized asset management in accordance with risk profile. Each account will be assessed a fee for preparation of the fiduciary income tax return, estate tax form 706, or an agency tax letter. The fee will reflect the actual charges incurred by the tax preparer and related staff time and will be in accordance with the prevailing rates for such services. Members Trust Company reserves the right to charge the current rate of fees in effect at the time services are performed for extraordinary services based on commercially reasonable compensation at regular hourly rates or a fixed fee based on time, expertise, and reimbursement for any out-of-pocket expenses. Extraordinary services include, but are not limited to, complex real estate or mineral interest management, lease negotiations, litigation, court accountings, asset distribution, and tax preparation and fi ling, and for trusts in a settlement/payout phase where the trust settlement acts as a probate estate for payment of final expenses, to include but not limited to, federal and state personal tax filings and liabilities. For Trust accounts, a fee of $1,000 shall be charged per transaction for the purchase or sale of trust-owned real property. Trustee fees are deducted each month in the amount of 1/12 of the estimated annual fee. For Trust accounts, unless otherwise noted in the governing document or specified by applicable law, half (1/2) the fee is charged to the principal, and half (1/2) the fee is charged to the income of the account. Fees do not include outside investment broker commissions or professional provider expenses. Transaction specific, operational fees such as wires and overnight postage shall be charged in accordance with the actual costs at the then current rate. Account Fees are subject to periodic review and change upon notice. Accounts closed within one year will be charged the full year’s fee.